Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Updates from me


I was silent. Sorry. I was hit by the no-mood-and-no-inspiration-blog syndrome again. I have no idea on what to write. I have nothing significant or exciting to post, while some of my friends are making money outta blogging.

I shall rewind my life from today to last month and share what I can still remember. It is gonna be boring and long. It is about non-important things I did. Be patient or click x at the top right.

My boss' birthday too. Bought books for him from all us. Other than that, I don't care.

I had migraine again. You've heard this from me way too many times. Others report about their PMS. I report on my migraine. Which is worse? Migraine or PMS?

Shardy, the dark lord. Been a long time since I seek wisdom from him. I gotta meet up with him soon. I am not avoiding you, Shardy. You've got my stuff and money. I am a chinese, I will get 'em from you, that's for sure. LOL.

Am meeting with Chinoz and Bobo tonight for dinner at Angel. Very Charlie's Angel. 3 females.

And talking about meeting ups, I miss my Ting Ting. Hope to catch up with you and everyone at home real soon!

Had dinner with Delphinus, Orion and Laura at Orion's place. Orion cooked spaghetti with pesto sauce, made salad with balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing. Very nice. Very Sex in the City. 4 females. Not desperate housewives!

Smewwy gave me a really nice fish keychain for a special day. I like it very much. Thanks very much. It is a regal angel fish, I reckon, which mostly found commonly among reefs.

Witness a very rude customer towards a customer service at Kinokuniya, KLCC. Story below...

CS wrapping books I bought for my boss.
A guy, big chinese guy, with messy beard, threw about 8 thin books of children's story books onto my books.
So I turned around, wonder who the heck is that. CS stopped wrapping, lightly jolted, looked up and asked, "Open?"
Big guy said, with irritation in his voice, "Yeah, you got a problem with that?"
CS looked confused and replied, "No".
CS teared away all the shrink wrapper around the books and passed all of them to Big guy.
Big guy snarled rudely, "If I am white, it will be different treatment, right?"
CS already very confused, get more confused, "Huh? .... No."
Big guy snarled again, louder and ruder, "If my wife is here, different treatment"
CS really really confused, "What?"
Big guy said, "White skin are treated better, right? You are so rude!"
CS was shocked and confused. Me there stood in perplex, "What the..." ringing in my head. He is the rude one, a unreasonable rude person.
CS turned to her fellow colleagues and asked, "Eh, apa dia cakap ni? His wife, apa?"
Big guy already moved 2 metres away, turned around and shouted, "What are saying about me?"
CS bravely replied, "No, I didn't say anything" and continue wrapping my books.
I spoke to CS and asked if it is common to have rude customers. Big guy glared at us. I looked away.

He probably thought he was superior and that we were afraid and CS was rude. Honestly, I just hate to create trouble especially with a prick like him. All this happen with his son and wife around. Gosh, what is happening to us?

Last weekend
Had a wonderful getaway over the weekend with my LP8 friends in Palace Beach and Spa Resort. We rented the Royal Suite. The toilet was huge, it can fit 2 Mahjong tables.

On friday nite, ate and sang all night long with climbing buddies organised by the two sweets - Rene and YJ. Hamtaro aka Totoro was funny, as usual, in our group. One person was very enthusiastic. Rene has a really cute voice when she sings. Many can sing, I am impressed. I can't sing but I can eat :P

In March
Was busy with work for about 2 weeks, lotsa deskbound work. Very mundane.

Been in and out of a chinese physiotherapist for about 3 weeks to treat the numbness on my thumb and first finger. He said it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sounds like Karpal Singh. It is still numb and I have gotten used to it.

We celebrated the birthdays of my niece, Amanda and her little brother, Dylan. Nice food from Pelita Nasi Kandar.

It was also Asther's and Delphinus' birthday on this month (March). Very Happy Birthday to both of you.

Other than that, I don't remember much what has happened in March.

In last week of Feb
Went back to Melaka for CNY celebration with my family. I am still eligible collected angpaus. That was nice. I didn't collect much though, only around RM500 something. The most important was to able to spend time with my family. Luckily my sister is married to someone who lives very near our home in Melaka, just 10 minutes drive away.

Right after CNY, I went to Singapore to fly to Manado, North Sulawesi to dive in Bunaken and Lembeh Straits with Shardy, Asther and Raymond. The trip was 8 days and it wasn't expensive. The accomodation was very basic and to some, might not be pleasant.

I simply love the breeze in Lembeh Island that passed through the straits. It was very relaxing like lullabies. The wind was cooling too, all these explain why I am always sleepy there. Hats off to the friendly staff. The dive guides put extra effort to find us stuff to see.

It was muck diving in Lembeh and I must say, the straits was brimming with life. Critters everywhere, despite the dark dirty sandy bottom with no corals or reefs, but rubbish as it is nearer to the shore of the main land. Diving there was amazing. Every dive was excellent, with lots to explore.

We then transferred to Bunaken. There, it was wall diving. Beautiful, abundant and unspoilt colourful corals, but very little marine life. The dive guide showed us turtle and we weren't excited. The weather in Bunaken was hot and we were sweaty all the time.

Anyway, we decided to leave Bunaken earlier and went back to Manado to pamper ourselves with spa and massages. It was a great trip coz I saw so many cool stuff underwater - it is all worth it! Thanks to Asther whom had organised this. She was often worried if we are unhappy and dissatisfied. But rest assured, it was great diving there.

To see pix of all of the cool stuff we have seen there, mostly in Lembeh Straits and Bunaken, click on this : Asther's Blog and Shardy's Photo. The took amazingly beautiful photos. I love 'em.

Alrighty, that's all I can think of for now. Tomorrow, I will update a pix of double rainbow I took in a village as we are driving away to Manado. And also some quotes from the movie - The Holiday which can be quite truthful.


Asther said...

Miss u girl...

Anonymous said...

ah finally some updates! :)

Happy easter women.


Delphi said...

ooooooooooo finally your blog is updated! great :)
Thanks for the B-day gift. I am already in love with the book cover :D


k*a said...

miss you too...u must be in sipadan now, so have fun ya!

yup, finally. i am very lazy ;)

glad u like the book :) see u later!