Thursday, August 18, 2005

More rain & a bloody morning

It rain so heavily when I left my home this morning. Thought the sky would have dried up from last evening's shower but I guess mother nature is greater than I thought. As always, I was late to work this morning and today, I was not the only one. The door was still locked. Thank goodness I have the office keys. No one has came in yet. Everyone must have been late due to the rain. The phone in the office was ringing non stop and I was like a mad girl trying to answer all the calls.

Three of my colleagues came to work soaking wet. Thanking goodness again, we have a saloon-type hair dryer that was extremely helpful in drying up everyone. So, there were whirring and buzzing all morning in the office. Plus the cleaner was also vacumming the carpet at the same time.

Oh yes, the highlight of today - Blood Donation Drive in our office building. So, I went to donate. Everyone working in the same floor as me donated too. Ok, back to the story. Bear with me. If boring, just click on the (X) button on the top right corner of ur browser.

I went through the normal routine...

Filled up the donor form -> did the blood test -> doctor (trainee, i think) checked blood pressure -> a clerk marked the donor record book and assign the serial number and blood type -> nurse placed blood bag next to u -> nurse tightened the wrap around the top arm -> I have to grip a plastic tube (the one you use as plumbing tube) -> nurse searched for my veins, tap tap, slap, slap -> nurse poked the needle into the vein and said "Ubat bius" -> I wondered. How come last time don't have ubat bius? -> nurse poked the bigger needle -> blood flow out like water pipe -> my hand continued to grip and let go and grip and let go the plastic tube -> nurse weighed the blood bag -> only 250ml -> nurse weighed again -> 300ml -> nurse cut the tube of blood that goes to the blood bag. They collected 350ml of blood from me -> nurse take 2 tube full of blood for HIV & Hepatitis testing -> nurse removed the big needle of my arm -> nurse asked me to press the punctured vein with a small ball of cotton -> I rested a while -> nurse put a plaster on my arm -> yay, I can go off -> I took a fruit cake and packet of sugar cane water -> I walked back to the lift

And then...

I felt something wet on my arm, a bit warm yet a bit cold. I looked and found a huge patch of blood on my sleeve and blood was flowing down my arms. Wah...looks like I was stabbed!

Anyway, some girls (the organisers, I think) panicked. They made me lay down and I was only allowed to go back when I assured them I will be fine. Anyway, you won't die unless you lose 2 liter of blood. So, I guess I will be alive and kicking.

One girl made a joke that I should not show this to anyone coz many people may not want to donate after seeing what had happened to me.

My main concern is that if my blood dried up on my sleeve, it would stained the shirt. So, I had to get it washed quickly. When I reached my office, I was so lucky as my colleague, P had an extra t-shirt with her. So, I changed to her t-shirt and washed my shirt. And thank goodness again for that powerful hair dryer, I was able to dry my shirt.

krazie*angel wished that she has a digital camera to snapped up some evidence of the oozing blood


Archive of previous quote*unquote published on my krazie blog.

For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man's obedience many will be made righteous.
Romans 5:19 (NKJV)

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21 (NKJV)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Smooth day -> Rain & Traffic Jam & Broken Stuff

Today was a smooth and easy day. Not much work. But come evening, things get a bit rough.

It was raining since around late 4pm, cleansing the city from last week's haze. And by now, I think the sky has ran out of its water supply, so now I won't call it raning, but only little droplets falling to our wet KL.

I was caught in the jam on my way home after my *f* language class. Usually it only take, the most 20 minutes to get home, today I took 1 hour to reach home. Petrol is so expensive these days and it was like burning my money for 1 hour. This is an understatement but I am going to say it anyway - "When it rain in KL, there will be massive traffic jam". And I will still ask the silliest question -"Aiyah, why like that?"

With nothing to do, stucked behind the wheel in a traffic jam, I talked to myself. Naturally, I was also missing bman. It is pathetic, I know. I wondered if the drivers of cars on my left and right saw me mumbling away all alone and perhaps they think I am a nutcase. Well, I can always say I am talking to friends on my mobile through the speakerphone. Such brilliant excuse.

Oh yes, three things of mine were spoilt today. They say bad things happen in 3, right? So, I guess I am safe for now.

1. A really tiny piece of a fake diamond fell off my ring. Now my ring is a bit cacat.
2. My hair band putus-ed. I think my hair too thick and I overstrecthed it.
3. My crystal bracelet putus-ed too. Luckily, I managed to fix it back.

Gotta take an early nite no matter how insomniac I am coz tomorrow is a long day. Will leave to tomorrow to let you what will be happening. Nite nite & sweet dreams.

krazie*angel ~ *yawn* *yawn* *rub eyes*

A place to stash my trash

Everyone write something on their first blog. Almost everyone, cannot generalise coz I don't have the stats. I have been thinking on what to write. I think I'll write the reason I blog for my first post.

My brain is always spinning away, churning all kinds of thoughts. Mostly rubbish and senseless. I could actually see them being written down but you knowlah, I very the malas. I know I have to remove all these trash before they make me gila. In a way, I am a bit insane especially I am alone or when I am dreaming. I made up a lot of funny funny stories. Even my dream is quite weird.

When I am so inspired, I always tell myself I will create a blog to write down all the stuff that is being spun outta my head but never happened. Sometimes, when I am inspired, I tengah mandi or driving or hanging out with friends. Takkanlah on the spot rush to a cybercafe to create a blog, so I tell myself...when I go home tonite, I will do it! So bersemangat!

When I am at home, in front of my notebook, all ready and already logged into this blogger site, I will be hit with a major problem which is to come up with the name for myself and for my blog. So tough to even find a nick/name that fit my blog personality. This is my 4th blog that I have created which I finally did not delete.

So voila. Me as Krazie Angel with her personal blog, "Krazie Angel rambles". Yes, I surely rambles. My heart direct!

Actually, to come to think of it, not only my brain is the only thing that think think too much. Sometimes, personally, I am also a bit off. I'm actually normal, but in my normalness, I do things that no one will think I will. Or when people think I will do something, but actually I won't.

Perhaps, I can be misunderstood sometimes. Oh well. I guess I am one of those kind of people whom other people warn their friends or family about. I am sure you often hear friends or parents or colleagues say this - "There are many kind of people out there. So be careful ok" or "*Sigh* Macam-macam orang kat dunia ni. Tak tau lah apa nak jadi"

In my other blog which I shared with a bunch of people, I write sensible stuff for e.g. thought provoking or emotionally touching storieslah...cannot write rubbish or too trivial stuff lah, coz might affect the reputation of my fellow bloggers mah. Frankly, my postings there are not so popular. So sad. Two of the bloggers are really good. Even myself enjoy their postings.

I also got another blog which I dedicated to someone I really love but too bad, it is one way track. Yeah, call it unrequited, unrecipocrated love. Darn, why me?! Anyway, this blog is personnal, not open to public. Even if you read it, you will either be so depressed or die of yuckiness.

Ok lah, so much for my debut post. I think you will probably get to know more about me as I post in the future.