Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas long weekend

If given any other weekend, I very much welcome a long one where I can laze around in my bed or sofa, sleeping in till really late, watching dvds or binge on my tv series.

But this weekend, I am feeling very melancholic and bored. I wish I was out there in action, partying or among friends or whatever instead of staying home.

Anyway, these are what I did...I cleaned the house, changed the sheets, changed the shower curtain, did the laundry, spamed my friends with sms Christmas greeting, attended Sunday service at church and watched 6 hours of Lost. And yes, I finally sent my car to wash after more than 2 months and just before it rained cats and dogs.

Despite the fact that I am bored, I turned down one dinner (for the goodness sake of everyone else), three lunches (I didn't have enough time to rush to any of them coz sunday service ended late, plus there are three lunches and only one of me) and another dinner (it was raining and I was lazy).

krazie*angel has another day off tomorrow...*scratch head* on what to do to kill time

Friday, December 23, 2005

I want! I want!

Since it is Christmas, we always wish to get pressies..

These are some of the things that I can live without or don't need at all, but sure wish I can have them...

I also wish to have a proper and good digital camera...

So many wants, so little money...Sigh! C'est la vie!

krazie*angel dowan the girl in the pictures but the blouse on the girl

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lost heart

Over a dinner, a friend, name shall be disclosed, who has recently found her love of her life, told me that she has lost her heart and wanted it back.

In Love: Krazie, I want my heart back. It is scary to lose my heart.
Krazie: Why?
In Love: This is the first time I am feeling like this. I have lost my heart and I want it back.
Krazie: In Love, you did not lose your heart. You have given it away.
In Love: Given away?
Krazie: Yup, you've given your heart away to him. You did not lose it. You fell in love and gave your heart away to him.
In Love: I want it back.
Krazie: Trust me, In Love, you don't want it back. If you get back your heart the next time, it will be either broken or dented.
In Love: Huh?
Krazie: Look, you've given your heart away. When it is return to you, it will never be the same heart when you first gave away, it will be at least scratch, bruised, if not smashed into million pieces, even if you are the one asked for it back.
In Love: How then?
Krazie: Let him keep the heart. It is safer there. You should just asked for his heart instead.

P/S: It is not verbatim but the gist of the story is still intact.

krazie*angel believe that after each broken heart, they will only grow bigger and stronger

About my exams

Exam's over and just like that, all of sudden, I felt so light and free.

Anyway, I wanna blog about it. It is nothing funny. Just for the record. It is boring.

The exam is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 - Oral and Part 2 - Written. Part 1 alone is 50% of the total points and obviously, the other 50% go to Part 2, which has 6 other sub sections to test on grammar, conjugation and composition.

Now in Part 1, the oral bit, we are asked to pick randomly one news article. We are given 15 mins to read it and then another 15 mins to explain, discuss and tell the examiners our opinion. I chose my article.

The article I got was about the extinction of the primates. Expert has estimated that all the gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys will be gone by year 2030 due to the diminishing forests, hunters and poachers. I had problem understanding and reading the article, let alone to discuss and give opinions about it, all in the F language.

Well, I don't have much choice but to just blab anything that came into my mind. With lotsa ah and err...15 mins passed. I don't understand one of the questions the examiner asked. I could have won if its not an oral exam but a competition on how many ahs and errs one can say in 15 mins. Frankly, I was so glad and relieved when the examiners changed topic and discuss bout diving and fishes. And even more gladder when they asked me "Anything else? Any question?". Quickly, I said "No. Nothing."

In Part 2, I just left half hour earlier. I figured if you can't do much, just finished up whatever you can and get out of there and then enjoy yourself.

That's about it. Results out in this coming Wednesday. One term or one level is over.

krazie*angel always don't like the hours of exam to arrive yet wish it will be over soon

Friday, December 16, 2005


Read this somewhere...

"Sometimes dating can feel like one endless job interview, but without any days off."

Not true at all!

Getting a job interview is much faster, easier and not numerically challenged.

But to get a date itself is hard labour and seems like the date itself is facing extinction.

Is it true that dating are like job interviews? Which is easier? You tell me your verdit/opinion.

krazie*angel's quote of the day :- "A date is dd/mm/yyyy"

Exams blues or drama queen?

It is 18 hours to my exams and I have not even studied a tiny weeny bit. I am so lazy. I procastinate as well. Big time. I know I was suppose to study since I came home from work, but I did not. I blog, then I went shopping at the local Giant supermarket, then I eat my dinner, I watched another episode of House M.D. and now back to blogging.

I am beyond help.

The funny thing is that even if I fail or pass the exam, it really doesn't matter at all. Thus, perhaps the indifference. But I don't want to fail, it must be the kiasuism in me. Yet, I wanna skip tomorrow and not take the exam.

Facing an exam always stresses me out. I bet when I sleep tonite, I will dream of me sitting for exam. I am sure some of you had had dreams like that. In those dreams, we can be so late for the exam. Or simply can't write down the answers when we knew the answers so well. I hate exams. I totally despise them. I love going back to be a child if I can turn back the clock, but the only thing that is stopping me is exams!!! I can't imagine taking SRP, SPM and STPM all over again. They have different acronyms now. This show how "dated" I am.

Why do I even put myself in this unnecessary stress? I love to torture myself, that's why! I love to pump up those 'stress' hormones in me. I am just kidding. Of course, not.

What am I rambling again? BTW, I think my migraine is attacking me already. It is either the chocolate or the exams, or my mind is making it all up. I am a big drama queen this evening.

krazie*angel needs a miracle, don't we all?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

What have I been up to?

If you wonder what had happened to me and why the hiatus...well, I am still here, fine and dandy...maybe not, but not in a bad shape where I need help, but simply a good-kind-of-not-so-fine, or positively, I can just say it in the most commonly understood way... "ok lah" or "so-so lah"

If I had confused you in my first para, don't even try to make sense out of it, coz it isn't anything that matter at all. Err, I did say I rambled and can be full of non-sensical stuff inside the dull mind of mine.

I had wanted to blog, and I will think of all these great ideas or stuff to blog, for e.g. while I am driving, while I am shopping, while I am hanging out in class, while I am having my dinner, while I am bathing, while I am doing anything else except when I am in front of my notebook, staring at my own blog, I have nothing to blog. Just nothing. Or other things will distract me and I will forgot that I am suppose to blog.

For some strange reasons, unknown to myself, I do access this blog daily, maybe 2-3 times a day, like the medication prescription given by the GP of any clinic... hoping that it will miraculously updated by itself, or hoping to read a new entry, which of course, will never ever happen if I don't blog. It is a really strange habit.

I am sure by now, you are scratching your head or thinking that there is something wrong with me, after reading what I have written right until now. Actually, I am just trying to tell you how I am, what I have been doing, why I did not blog during my absence.

Most of my time had been tight up to watching tv series. Earlier I have been on a tv marathon on Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Right after that, I have been watching 24 Season 4, which I completed. And now, I am on House M.D., which I must complete by this weekend, coz I am starting on either Lost or Battlestar Gallactica next. Yes I binge on tv series and I am glutton when it comes to them.

Right now, I am suppose to be studying for my F language exam but I got distracted. I rather blog than study. And I am eating a black forest cake with 2 chocolate sticks. I hope I won't get migraine from them.

krazie*angel is so easily distracted...focus, stay focus now...!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Pain last nite and pain today.

I was in pain. I am in pain. Two different pains at two different time.

Last nite, around midnite, I had this sharp pain beneath my lowest right rib. It started of with some light pain and then it became unbearable. I tried to change sleeping positions (even sitting and standing) to ease the pain, but of no help. I drank warm honey and found out it was filled with dead ants after I drank half of the glass. The honey must be a tomb for unfortunate those ant scavengers.

I was not able to sleep at all. The pain was there up to 4 am and I was so sleepy. As the last resort, I prayed to God to remove the pain. Voila! It went away. Believe it or not! I finally fell asleep and dreamt about travelling to Bali which oddly looks like some quaint chinatown, eating the best Hokkien Mee and some beauty contest.

Then this morning, I woke up with aches on both my shoulder and arms. It is still here at this very moment. Feel like I have been carrying some weights or did some heavy arm exercise. Did I carry anything heavy? Nah, I don't think so.

I wonder if drinking ants caused muscle and joints to ache? Just a remotely impossible thought. I am getting old, at least physically. Yikes!

krazie*angel needs KOYOK (those heat plaster, err, know what they are?)

Transporter 2

I have just watched Transporter 2. It was quite crappy.

Well, I like John Statham. And I like Transporter 1. But the sequel is a bit way too much to endure. Some of the actions are just illogical and hard to digest.

I am going to watch Doom. Heard it is another load of crap. Will save it for a nite where I need to be humoured.

Heck, I got these two movies free. Thank goodness, I am not paying to watch them in the cinema or DVD.

krazie*angel gotta watch these movies for the sake of watching. Kiasu!