Friday, December 16, 2005

Exams blues or drama queen?

It is 18 hours to my exams and I have not even studied a tiny weeny bit. I am so lazy. I procastinate as well. Big time. I know I was suppose to study since I came home from work, but I did not. I blog, then I went shopping at the local Giant supermarket, then I eat my dinner, I watched another episode of House M.D. and now back to blogging.

I am beyond help.

The funny thing is that even if I fail or pass the exam, it really doesn't matter at all. Thus, perhaps the indifference. But I don't want to fail, it must be the kiasuism in me. Yet, I wanna skip tomorrow and not take the exam.

Facing an exam always stresses me out. I bet when I sleep tonite, I will dream of me sitting for exam. I am sure some of you had had dreams like that. In those dreams, we can be so late for the exam. Or simply can't write down the answers when we knew the answers so well. I hate exams. I totally despise them. I love going back to be a child if I can turn back the clock, but the only thing that is stopping me is exams!!! I can't imagine taking SRP, SPM and STPM all over again. They have different acronyms now. This show how "dated" I am.

Why do I even put myself in this unnecessary stress? I love to torture myself, that's why! I love to pump up those 'stress' hormones in me. I am just kidding. Of course, not.

What am I rambling again? BTW, I think my migraine is attacking me already. It is either the chocolate or the exams, or my mind is making it all up. I am a big drama queen this evening.

krazie*angel needs a miracle, don't we all?

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