Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lost heart

Over a dinner, a friend, name shall be disclosed, who has recently found her love of her life, told me that she has lost her heart and wanted it back.

In Love: Krazie, I want my heart back. It is scary to lose my heart.
Krazie: Why?
In Love: This is the first time I am feeling like this. I have lost my heart and I want it back.
Krazie: In Love, you did not lose your heart. You have given it away.
In Love: Given away?
Krazie: Yup, you've given your heart away to him. You did not lose it. You fell in love and gave your heart away to him.
In Love: I want it back.
Krazie: Trust me, In Love, you don't want it back. If you get back your heart the next time, it will be either broken or dented.
In Love: Huh?
Krazie: Look, you've given your heart away. When it is return to you, it will never be the same heart when you first gave away, it will be at least scratch, bruised, if not smashed into million pieces, even if you are the one asked for it back.
In Love: How then?
Krazie: Let him keep the heart. It is safer there. You should just asked for his heart instead.

P/S: It is not verbatim but the gist of the story is still intact.

krazie*angel believe that after each broken heart, they will only grow bigger and stronger


Stargazer said...

I can't help but agree although it hurts so so much when your heart breaks.

Btw, do have a fantastic diving trip and New Year in Bali! Can't wait to hear all about your trip! :) Do look out for Mola-mola and Mantas!

krazie*angel said...

Hi Stargazer,
Guess that you are already on holiday now. Anyway, merry christmas and happy new year to you. Thanks for your wishes.

yes, broken heart is really shitty. really painful.

chinoz said...

KA, can't believe you remember most of our convo on lost heart. He has since said the three words that matters.

I am loved.