Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas long weekend

If given any other weekend, I very much welcome a long one where I can laze around in my bed or sofa, sleeping in till really late, watching dvds or binge on my tv series.

But this weekend, I am feeling very melancholic and bored. I wish I was out there in action, partying or among friends or whatever instead of staying home.

Anyway, these are what I did...I cleaned the house, changed the sheets, changed the shower curtain, did the laundry, spamed my friends with sms Christmas greeting, attended Sunday service at church and watched 6 hours of Lost. And yes, I finally sent my car to wash after more than 2 months and just before it rained cats and dogs.

Despite the fact that I am bored, I turned down one dinner (for the goodness sake of everyone else), three lunches (I didn't have enough time to rush to any of them coz sunday service ended late, plus there are three lunches and only one of me) and another dinner (it was raining and I was lazy).

krazie*angel has another day off tomorrow...*scratch head* on what to do to kill time


Allyfeel said...

Why la so lazy? you always tell me "Hang Fook" needs effort one, have you forgortten them already?

krazie*angel said...

not only lazy leh, also feeling melancholic. Must be the holiday season bug effect on me...

Stargazer said...

Hello! Happy New Year!

Still diving? Waiting to hear your fishy tales! :)

Allyfeel said...

Happy New Year!

I've tagged you. Don't be such a pig. Knock knock, wake up!!!