Friday, December 02, 2005

Pain last nite and pain today.

I was in pain. I am in pain. Two different pains at two different time.

Last nite, around midnite, I had this sharp pain beneath my lowest right rib. It started of with some light pain and then it became unbearable. I tried to change sleeping positions (even sitting and standing) to ease the pain, but of no help. I drank warm honey and found out it was filled with dead ants after I drank half of the glass. The honey must be a tomb for unfortunate those ant scavengers.

I was not able to sleep at all. The pain was there up to 4 am and I was so sleepy. As the last resort, I prayed to God to remove the pain. Voila! It went away. Believe it or not! I finally fell asleep and dreamt about travelling to Bali which oddly looks like some quaint chinatown, eating the best Hokkien Mee and some beauty contest.

Then this morning, I woke up with aches on both my shoulder and arms. It is still here at this very moment. Feel like I have been carrying some weights or did some heavy arm exercise. Did I carry anything heavy? Nah, I don't think so.

I wonder if drinking ants caused muscle and joints to ache? Just a remotely impossible thought. I am getting old, at least physically. Yikes!

krazie*angel needs KOYOK (those heat plaster, err, know what they are?)


Stargazer said...

Ooh, poor you! Hope you feel better soon! I get those aches and pains too at times and sometimes it's because I carried some stuff or did some housework a few days ago. Either that or I'm getting old! >_<

Allyfeel said...

I think it's the dreaming that cause those shoulder ache. Whenever I dream kao kao, I have the same ache. Just make sure the vantilation is good when u sleep.

krazie*angel said...

all pains are gone quite a while ago. thanks for all your well wishes.

i think i agree with allyfeel about dreaming and pain. i dream helluva lot, every nite.