Thursday, December 15, 2005

What have I been up to?

If you wonder what had happened to me and why the hiatus...well, I am still here, fine and dandy...maybe not, but not in a bad shape where I need help, but simply a good-kind-of-not-so-fine, or positively, I can just say it in the most commonly understood way... "ok lah" or "so-so lah"

If I had confused you in my first para, don't even try to make sense out of it, coz it isn't anything that matter at all. Err, I did say I rambled and can be full of non-sensical stuff inside the dull mind of mine.

I had wanted to blog, and I will think of all these great ideas or stuff to blog, for e.g. while I am driving, while I am shopping, while I am hanging out in class, while I am having my dinner, while I am bathing, while I am doing anything else except when I am in front of my notebook, staring at my own blog, I have nothing to blog. Just nothing. Or other things will distract me and I will forgot that I am suppose to blog.

For some strange reasons, unknown to myself, I do access this blog daily, maybe 2-3 times a day, like the medication prescription given by the GP of any clinic... hoping that it will miraculously updated by itself, or hoping to read a new entry, which of course, will never ever happen if I don't blog. It is a really strange habit.

I am sure by now, you are scratching your head or thinking that there is something wrong with me, after reading what I have written right until now. Actually, I am just trying to tell you how I am, what I have been doing, why I did not blog during my absence.

Most of my time had been tight up to watching tv series. Earlier I have been on a tv marathon on Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Right after that, I have been watching 24 Season 4, which I completed. And now, I am on House M.D., which I must complete by this weekend, coz I am starting on either Lost or Battlestar Gallactica next. Yes I binge on tv series and I am glutton when it comes to them.

Right now, I am suppose to be studying for my F language exam but I got distracted. I rather blog than study. And I am eating a black forest cake with 2 chocolate sticks. I hope I won't get migraine from them.

krazie*angel is so easily distracted...focus, stay focus now...!


Stargazer said...

Hey, welcome back! Hope the pain's gone now! I get blogger's block all the time too and then there are the times when it just comes dribbling out non-stop! We just have to ride that blogger's wave as it comes!

Enjoy your black forest cake and all the best for your exams!

krazie*angel said...

thanks, starie!

after tonite, i am a free happy woman. dowan the exams' hours to come yet i want it to be over.