Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A place to stash my trash

Everyone write something on their first blog. Almost everyone, cannot generalise coz I don't have the stats. I have been thinking on what to write. I think I'll write the reason I blog for my first post.

My brain is always spinning away, churning all kinds of thoughts. Mostly rubbish and senseless. I could actually see them being written down but you knowlah, I very the malas. I know I have to remove all these trash before they make me gila. In a way, I am a bit insane especially I am alone or when I am dreaming. I made up a lot of funny funny stories. Even my dream is quite weird.

When I am so inspired, I always tell myself I will create a blog to write down all the stuff that is being spun outta my head but never happened. Sometimes, when I am inspired, I tengah mandi or driving or hanging out with friends. Takkanlah on the spot rush to a cybercafe to create a blog, so I tell myself...when I go home tonite, I will do it! So bersemangat!

When I am at home, in front of my notebook, all ready and already logged into this blogger site, I will be hit with a major problem which is to come up with the name for myself and for my blog. So tough to even find a nick/name that fit my blog personality. This is my 4th blog that I have created which I finally did not delete.

So voila. Me as Krazie Angel with her personal blog, "Krazie Angel rambles". Yes, I surely rambles. My heart direct!

Actually, to come to think of it, not only my brain is the only thing that think think too much. Sometimes, personally, I am also a bit off. I'm actually normal, but in my normalness, I do things that no one will think I will. Or when people think I will do something, but actually I won't.

Perhaps, I can be misunderstood sometimes. Oh well. I guess I am one of those kind of people whom other people warn their friends or family about. I am sure you often hear friends or parents or colleagues say this - "There are many kind of people out there. So be careful ok" or "*Sigh* Macam-macam orang kat dunia ni. Tak tau lah apa nak jadi"

In my other blog which I shared with a bunch of people, I write sensible stuff for e.g. thought provoking or emotionally touching storieslah...cannot write rubbish or too trivial stuff lah, coz might affect the reputation of my fellow bloggers mah. Frankly, my postings there are not so popular. So sad. Two of the bloggers are really good. Even myself enjoy their postings.

I also got another blog which I dedicated to someone I really love but too bad, it is one way track. Yeah, call it unrequited, unrecipocrated love. Darn, why me?! Anyway, this blog is personnal, not open to public. Even if you read it, you will either be so depressed or die of yuckiness.

Ok lah, so much for my debut post. I think you will probably get to know more about me as I post in the future.

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