Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Smooth day -> Rain & Traffic Jam & Broken Stuff

Today was a smooth and easy day. Not much work. But come evening, things get a bit rough.

It was raining since around late 4pm, cleansing the city from last week's haze. And by now, I think the sky has ran out of its water supply, so now I won't call it raning, but only little droplets falling to our wet KL.

I was caught in the jam on my way home after my *f* language class. Usually it only take, the most 20 minutes to get home, today I took 1 hour to reach home. Petrol is so expensive these days and it was like burning my money for 1 hour. This is an understatement but I am going to say it anyway - "When it rain in KL, there will be massive traffic jam". And I will still ask the silliest question -"Aiyah, why like that?"

With nothing to do, stucked behind the wheel in a traffic jam, I talked to myself. Naturally, I was also missing bman. It is pathetic, I know. I wondered if the drivers of cars on my left and right saw me mumbling away all alone and perhaps they think I am a nutcase. Well, I can always say I am talking to friends on my mobile through the speakerphone. Such brilliant excuse.

Oh yes, three things of mine were spoilt today. They say bad things happen in 3, right? So, I guess I am safe for now.

1. A really tiny piece of a fake diamond fell off my ring. Now my ring is a bit cacat.
2. My hair band putus-ed. I think my hair too thick and I overstrecthed it.
3. My crystal bracelet putus-ed too. Luckily, I managed to fix it back.

Gotta take an early nite no matter how insomniac I am coz tomorrow is a long day. Will leave to tomorrow to let you what will be happening. Nite nite & sweet dreams.

krazie*angel ~ *yawn* *yawn* *rub eyes*

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