Thursday, October 19, 2006

Copy and paste

Tried to blog. But I stare blankly at screen. This blog is gonna die soon.

I gotta do something about it.


Anyway, here is something I read.

"Sometimes sickness, calamity, or tragedy can bring us to our knees so we will turn to God. And if that is what it takes, then it would be better that we were sick and right with God than healthy without Him."

True, isn't it?


Ghostwriter said...

I've been wondering what happened to you - seemed impossible that you didn't update your blog in months (this is more like me :D)!

Anyway, hope you'll get your blogging groove back soon.

Take care

Asther said...

Aiyor... miss your funny blogging, lei. Share lar about wat you've been up to lately. Hehehe... or wat movie you've watched. Etc. Miss yah!

Keropok said...

No no... don't give this up! Keep writing, even if you write nonsense. I will still keep reading.

And you better read mine...

Anonymous said...

Erm - no. It's not true. It's nonsense. But please keep blogging. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you blogging again. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

sounds like your trying to find an excuse to quit - 戒烟. 还有一个问题。

krazie*angel said...

Hi everyone. I posted. Finally. Short one but better than none.

ghostwriter - yup, kinda like u :) u take care too. say hi to xavier!

asther - I am trying to blog but a bit moodless. so far, yet to watch any movie. when will u be free to go on a date with me for a movie and rib lee?

keropok - aiseh, u blog about football only. somemore u sokong MU. i sokong arsenal. might change to chelsea since they are always winning.

anonymous - lol. this must be the dark lord.

renee - trying to blog. like the way i am trying to climb. sigh. i need some inspiration.

anonymous - trying to find an excuse to blog actually. err, i can't read chinese leh.