Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Today, it's the Halloween Day. Happy Halloween everyone!

It's the last day of October today. Two months left to the end of 2006.

This month has been very eventful. I've got some stats.

4 weddings - Eve. CK. Ivy. And a couple in Bentong :)

1 funeral - A distant uncle :(

2 major festive holiday - Deeparaya!

Many birthdays - Agnes, Schrene, Joachim, Prudy, Sophia, Donny, Kent, Celine E, Metria, Ganesh, MC. And many other friends! Happy Birthday to you all!

1 dive trip - RRR. 8 dives. 1 cranky reg. 1 loan dive comp.

17 pimples - And still popping. Darn awful :(

0 movie - Cis!

Bye October with empty wallet. Hello November with empty wallet. This is not good at all.


Mumbo-Dumbo said...

4 Weddings and A Funeral, just like the movie!

I should go watch that movie.

Asther said...

Wah... busy busy month, huh? Where did you dive, lar? Where's RRR?

Hope to catch-up soon. By the way, I met your friend, Richard from N.Zealand at a friend's birthday party.

Take care & miss yah!

krazie*angel said...

sayang - that is a really old movie. i watched it a long time ago and now, i can't even remember a single bit of it.

asther - I miss you too very much. Yes, it was very busy month. worst, it drained a lot of money outta me too. RRR is Roach Reefs Resort off Tawau. They got discount - 4 days/3nites only RM1000 (food+accomodation+3 boat dives per day) Ahh...Richard, the lanky boy. Very nice chap. He can salsa!