Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I am no Superman

I can't fly
But my mind can

I am no superman
But you are my kryptonite

I've got no super power
But for you I do the impossible

I am no superhero
So I don't need any super villain

I am like Clark Kent
We can't be with the one we love

I don't want to be a superman
Coz the world don't need saving but me

I am only a human
Love me and hurt me not

~ k*a


Asther said...

Eh... why such a sad poem? But i like it tho...

Anonymous said...

Haha... so cute la... sad but cute... :D


Anonymous said...

the things we suffer with like sad poems - remember your past

krazie*angel said...

asther - just at the spur of the moment, i wrote it. glad u like it.

renee - it does sound sad after i read it again.

anonymous - sometimes we suffer more than just a sad poem. most times, we suffer silently. my past had been pretty bad, i rather not remember them.