Friday, November 10, 2006

Halt to my fav activities!

No climbing, no trekking, no diving for the next coupla months.


I dreamt of diving in some private island that nite.

Last nite, I dreamt I went trekking to some waterfall.

I am having a withdrawal symptom, aren't I?



Ghostwriter said...

Don't worry, you can always do trekking and waterfalls for 'free'. Climb the steps up Batu Caves, trek in FRIM over the weekends. Waterfalls, you can try Ulu Yam, but I'd warn against using the public toilets - major YUCK! here.

See ya real soon in KL!

krazie*angel said...

Hi Ghostwriter,

Sigh. Not so much about money...but my knee. Now it is recovering, meanwhile, I have been lazy and not doing any form of exercise.

And I sure hope to see you soon too when you are back here in KL.