Monday, November 06, 2006

Random soliloquies

Longest migraine spell I ever had this time around. Spanned around 6 days. Pain aside, it was maddening. I was almost a nut case. The after effects as of now - I am so exhausted!

When I am bored, I read my friends' blogs and some other strangers' blogs which I like. So thanks to all my friends who blog. You know who you are. Reading your blogs does make me feel a bit closer to you even tho' it could possibly be about some red football team I don't care about.

When I think of climbing again, I get cold hand and feet. Last proper climb was on 11 Oct. When I climbed again on 23 Oct, I can't even do a simple 5c route. My arms hurt. My fingers went wobbly. Darn it! I am back to square one again. This is simply horrendously torturous to my body and to my weak mind.

And definitely now, no lead climb course for me. To my two "Sweets", good luck and have fun. Maybe both of you can be my sifu and teach me how to lead climb.

Saddam was found guilty and has been sentenced to death yesterday. I don't know if this the right verdict, who am I to judge. I have never lived a second in Iraq to know the kind of life there. Everything I knew about Saddam and Iraq is from the media and people around me lawyer buruk-ing on this issue. Well, everything he had, have been stripped off him. Now, even his life is not sparred. He might have been a cruel tyrant and dictator, so for that, he must pay with his blood. He is already so old, what can he possibly do if he is alive and living in a cell hole. Maybe if he die, that will save his sanity and end his sufferings, humiliations and the continuous loss of dignity.

boy: why so quiet? no mood to talk arr?
girl: nope. just sleepy *yawn
boy: poor thing :(
girl: err, actually lazy thing :P
boy: u dont talk so much when ur sleepy
girl: duh! already hibernating de.
Being sleepy and able to sleep - this is a blessing for insomniacs. I am not sorry for zoning out.

A lot of girls are into beadings these days. You can see lotsa beadings handiworks being sold in shopping malls and flea markets. At least 4 friends of mine are into beadings. Some of their handiworks are very nice and impressive. If you are interested, just le me know, I will send you their links. As for me, I can only admire those pretty necklaces. Can't tempt myself to buy any of them as I am resolute to save.


Anonymous said...

You have to wait for Sweet No. 1 to come back so he will be your sifu. As for Sweet No. 2, she needs her Sweet No. 1 to teach her too!!!!

So we together-gether lead lor? Kays?

Sweets No. 1 & 2 :P

Keropok said...

get rest.
quit smoking and drinking.
do not do drugs at all.
the migraines will improve.
trust me ;)

krazie*angel said...

Sweets 1 & 2,

Now I really cannot lead with you both. So, I will be down there cheering your both.


woik, why u expose my vices. now all my good image are at risk.