Friday, November 03, 2006

Saving $$$ to save myself

I am a pauper :(

I am sad and ashamed that I don't save. I have been harping and being harped for ages to save, but I never did it. What a loser!

After some comparisons with friends, I am the most hopeless in my financial management and poorest in the lot (most likely)

From next month onwards, I MUST save.

This means, diving will be lessened tremendously!


Keropok said...

Rubbish! You have all it takes to be financially sound... and of all people I should know it.

Give yourself a break my friend... Don't la be so grey about everything.

Chin up, keep smiling!

Asther said...

I'm afraid I've to agree with keropok this time! Girl... Time to look things at the brighter side!!!

Anonymous said...

SMILE! Your financial situation ain't as bad as all that! At least you've got money to save; I don't have a salary so where does that leave me on monthly savings eh? ;D

krazie*angel said...

keropok - u see me good, i see you good. but i surely hope u r good. yes, i should be financially sound but i am not, that's why i am freaking upset.

asther - will do. don't worry, still wanna dive with you.

anonymous - no salary? i'd die. how did u survive? can u teach me how?