Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bimboz gathered once again

I wish Metria is still here in Malaysia. If she was here, the bimboz group will be meeting very often. I missed those meet ups in Spicy Kitchen at Sri Hartamas.

Last evening, I was happy to be in the company of my good friends - Miki C, Bobo and Meloncrap, whom I barely meet these days. It was really nice to see you girls again. May our friendship last forever.

Well, we missed Cherub, Wan and Chinoz.
And Ah Beng too, yes, your fans miss you heaps and was dissapointed not able to take any photos or get hold of your signatures.

Nevermind, we will all meet again in Bobo's wedding next month.

And I hope that we can meet frequently, perhaps at least once a month. OK, girls?


Metria said...

I will be back soon and then we'll have our annual bimboz get-together ;)

krazie*angel said...

woo hoo! when will you be back, sweetie?

all bimboz, take note. metria is coming back!