Thursday, May 18, 2006


When loneliness is your only motivation,
When leaving is your only choice,
Isolation can seem like freedom,
Contact can seem like comfort,
Talk can seem like intimacy,
Attraction can seem like love,
And nowhere can seem like home.


Anonymous said...

hi there,

i was going through random blogs (as usual when im bored in my office) and i came across yours. And what a blog it is. Such perfect captivation(not sure about this word) of life as it was supposed to be. I am so glad that I read yours and i havent finish it yet. Perhaps one day we might be sitting besides each other and who knows, i might be in your blog. im at :

krazie*angel said...

hi irwan1803,

i have added you in my yahoo messenger and yet, we did not talk to each other. maybe, one day, you'll be mentioned in my blog. till then, this is a hi for you.