Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Roughing it out at Sepayang Dam

Over the long weekend, I spent 3 days 2 nites at a reservoir in Endau which is called Empangan Sepayang where a group of 8 other people (minus me) went fishing for Tomans. I just doesn't like the idea of killing or hurting any other living object, so no fishing for me.

It was indeed an experience for me to be there. The weather was really hot and staying indoors equal to a sauna room meanwhile staying outdoor will risk a sun burn. The huts on the rakit (raft) is very basic, with no electricity or clean waters. Besides building a camp, our lifestyle for the 3 days stay there was exactly like camping. I bet you can imagine what it was like. It just reminded me of my scout days back in Uni.

Lucky Samurai did feel so bad asking me there. And I am sorry for making him feel that way. I did not whine, but I guess from the perpetual frown on my face, everyone can sensed that I wasn't enjoying myself there. Actually I did, but just the heat and the dirty-ness bothered me. Other than that, I was quite happy to be there and am proud of myself that I actually managed to cope being there.

Yes, the place is beautiful. Nice scenery and nice sunrise. Here are the pictures, guess they speak a thousand words.

If Layang-layang has beautiful sunset, then here has the most vivid sunrise. I watched the sun rised slowly from the horizon of calm water, partly hidden behind clouds and then to its full glory.

Perfect full moon, glistening like a strip of gold on the surface of water. The nite was so bright and alive. Full moon just bring back so much memories of someone.

The hut that me and 3 other guys lived in. Pathetically, it looked and actually felt very much like a rumah setinggan. I was actually worried that it might just fall apart. Sigh!

Inside the hut. Not very appealing either. Loads of lizzie's shit everywhere. I was traumatised when I first stepped in. But that blue camp bed was very comfortable to sleep in.

Early in the morning. Mist over the mountains. So peaceful.

Rays from Heaven. Very inspirational.

The view from the toilet. It was very picturesque and calms you down while you do what you need to do. The so-called toilet is in the open, with a big square hole in between the wooden planks where you release the unwanted into the water. Yup, the same water where you bathe, swim, wash and fish in.

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