Thursday, January 19, 2006


It is already 19 days into 2006.

So, I am gonna have a Grammy-award-like speech or prolly some kind of thanksgiving for year 2005 sorta post for my blog. This kinda of blog is usually very dangerous because I might forget to mention or credit someone that I should have. So, please excuse me, ok. I will try to append to this post when I remember. Here I go...

I am forever grateful and very touched by the love and care shown by my mom, dad, bro, sis in law, sis, cousin AG and Nico during my terrible downtime. You all have been for there for me like a huge solid fort when I was weak and like a big soft mattress each time I fell. I love you all so very much although I don't know how to express myself well.

Thank you Miki-C for introducing me to scuba diving. I would not have done it if you did not encourage me. Wish we could dive together more often, along with Bobo and her mister.

I am glad that my schooldays' best friend, C, contacted me after we had lost contact for so many years. It was really nice to meet you again and I hope we can see each other more often from hereon. You were my best friend, and will always be. And yes, you still look the same like how I remembered you, only prettier! *hugs*

It is very refreshing and fun to hang out with friends from the Alloexpat forum every Wednesday. I tried to be there, but somehow, sometimes, I had to be somewhere else. Thank goodness Arizona started the Wednesday meet ups and Dr Andy to carry on the tradition. Arizona, Peacey, Jade, Kaiserin and RJ - you are my favourite!

Cher mon Professeur Serge, bien que je suis toujours muet comme une carpe mais j'adore ton cours parce qu'ils sont tres amusant. Tu peux me rigoler tout le temps. J'espere je peux continuer mon cours prochain avec toi.

Work has been boring and slow everyday but thank goodness for wonderful colleagues who are great to work with and fun to be with. I am grateful that you gals/guys have been there for me when I was going through bumps and potholes. To my lunch buddies, I sure do enjoy the one hour break (or more) with you gals.

Friends whom I always cherish and love. Gosh, I wonder what I'll be without your friendship. Cherub, Metria, Chinoz, Bobo, Miki-C, Sweet Almond, Jessie and Julie - good friends forever! Love ya heaps!

CP, you know we are from very old-fashioned family but I want to let you know that I love you very much. You are so dear to me!

Getting to know D was a gift from Heaven and eversince then, I have had wonderful moments all the time. Thank you for your friendship, care and pamperings. You made me smile and happy when all I knew was despair. I know I whine and moan sometimes, sorry for that but thank you for listening to me ever so patiently and at times, agreeing with me. And that* was simply amazing, I hope you feel the same too.

Despite what happened betwen us, B, you will always have that special place in my heart. I love you.

And to Our Heavenly Father, thank you for Your continous blessings and grace to me, my family, friends and colleagues. Please stop testing and challenging me but give me strength and wisdom to carry on. In Jesus most precious name, I thank you and pray.


Me in Malaysia said...

I'm so flattered that I got a mention in your grammy speech!:-P
You're my favorite too! Love ya!

krazie*angel said...

Of course, Ari!

And girl, have fun...