Thursday, January 12, 2006

The last one hour

In the nature of my job, one will find that every last working hour is the longest to come and to be completed. Like now. I have another non-precious 45 mins to pass.

When I am bored, I will want to seek new things to explore especially on the Internet just to keep me sane and occupied. Or least keep my brains working. Today is not one of those enthusiastic days.

Right now, I want to get a haircut as my fringe is long and bothering my eyes. I want to go home and lie down on my bed, even for a short 30 mins. I want to get a pedicure as the nail polish has chipped off. I want to curl up and cuddle next to someone. I want to watch my tv series, which I have stopped watching for 2 weeks now. I want to call someone and talk silly things.

Seriously, I need to do some grocery shopping as I am running out a lot of stuff at home.

The clock is ticking really slowly, although I know surely it will reach 5 pm, but meanwhile, I am just waiting and doing my mundane uninteresting job.

krazie*angel all ready to dash to the door...

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