Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Perpetual Maddening Sound! Arghh!

The bloody hacking sound on the construction site next to my office building is driving me NUTS!


I am feeling so irritated that I could smash everything around me.

How long is this bloody racket going to last?

Oh blardy hell, I am swearing so hard in my head!



Keropok said...

Hahaha... LOL!

I can still hear your voice in my head from those days when you used to be my boss.

"Blardy hell... I feel like my head gonna burst when I hear this kinda things..."

"What rubbish is this. Make me wanna vomit blood..."

"When I see e-mails like this I feel like my PC is gonna combust into flames..."

"Blardy hell, like this means the fella is gonna f**k me upside down man..."

I miss those days, my best friend Krazie*Angel.

Asther said...

Hahaha... Didn't know u can curse so much! ;)

Shardy the pimp said...

He he - try living next to the Beach Club :-D

Perpetual maddening songs every night at high volume.

krazie*angel said...

wei keropok,
aiyoh...i dun swear like that for a long time now... now you let out all the secrets, my image is tarnished. thanks! you owe me big dinner.

hi asther,
ya, lucky you dunno. when u know me, i've been very good :) he he he

ahh... how's pimping biz? i guess you got no choice but to live near beach club...after all, you need their patrons for ur biz!!!