Sunday, July 23, 2006

Praying for Zion

I received an email, forwarded to me through someone mailing list, which happen to have my email id. I don't know the sender. The email well, basically asked people to pray for the safety of Israel, the land where God has said in Bible to protect her. The email also mentioned that how can be Israel be safe if other countries have nuclear weapons.


How could I pray for the safety of a country which attacked another country? Ok, right, maybe a war doesn't start just like that, for no reason, but the act of war itself is not acceptable. War destroys a country and the livelihood of the citizens.

How could I pray that other nations (so called Israel's enemies in the email) that have nuclear weapons be destroyed when Israel has its own nuclear weapon?

I replied the email and stated my humble opinion.

I won't pray for Israel. But I will pray for world peace. It is too idealistic, I know. But war is not the solution.

If God is as what I know - ever loving, ever merciful and ever forgiving - He definitely not like what we humans are doing to ourselves, especially war. What more, war against nations in His name.

While the war between Israel and Lebanon continues... there are wars too in other countries, where most of us are too ignorant to know or perhaps there are too many wars that we could not be bothered to remember. And of course, bombing attacks or terrorrist attacks here and there, as and when it tickles their fancy.

What has the world become? Sad isn't it?

Not forgetting natural disaster like Tsunami, volcano eruptions and earthquakes that destroyed lives.

Meanwhile, here in Malaysia, where we are complacent with the nice hot weather with occasional rain, after the euphoric World Cup, we are obsessed with Dato K marrying Siti Nurhaliza. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at this:

krazie*angel said...

hi anonymous,

darn, can't believe it. the girls signed the bombs. how sick is this!!!

i dunno who is right or wrong but war is absolutely not acceptable. and we all know, everyone knows that innocent people die in all wars.

sad, so so sad.