Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yum Yum Ball!

Sedapnya bola ni... I want to eat!


Anyway, the Italia beat the Germans at the eleventh hour. I know many out there are crushed and dissapointed. Sorry.

But I am glad I supported Italy in this game altho' I just chose Italy blindly. Maybe because I like their gondolas cruising along the canals :P

Ok, move on, next game, Portugal, please win! Don't tarnish Scolari's good records!


Keropok said...

Aisay, support Portugal kah...

Anonymous said...

blx to Portugal - the cheating sods

krazie*angel said...

sigh...portugal lost again! *shake* head

i think if i support france this time, they might lose too.

anonymous, u r the second person i read that said Portugal is the cheating sods. Not verbatim but cheat is there.

keropok - happy???

Ghostwriter said...

I honestly had tears in my eyes when the French national anthem came on at the end of the match (gee, didn't know I cared that much!).

France may have won, but it was a tough win. Add the rather messy game to Portugal's non-stop attacks, and you have ZiZu (cute nick for zidane eh? Ask fino why not ZiZi in your next class, Angel ;D) huffing and puffing and sliding with fatigue.

And yes, Portugal is quite good at faking fouls ;D (at least in this match).

Keropok said...

Very the happy.

Us botaks can go on the rule the world. Or at least hold the World Cup in our hands.

Eh KA, u suport Italy la...