Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This and that

As they continue tearing down the wall, they are driving me up the wall.
It is really affecting me. It is nerve wrecking.
It sound like when I am having a bad migraine.
It does seem like we are in a war zone.

I am listening to Jay Chou's old CD. Very nice. I like David Tao too and Michael (one of the duet of Michael & Victor/Guang Liang Pin Guan). I want to go to David Tao and Michael's concert but not many people listen to chinese songs. Can one go to a concert alone? Sigh!

I am watching 24 Season 5. So far so good, at least it is realistic. And people dies, that's good, because sometimes, it is ridiculous that characters don't die, for e.g. after an explosion. But Jack Bauer can never die. He is invicible, like Super hero.

I still can't overcome the red route of one of my wall projects. Ahh, frusfrating. It is a 6a+ route with a overhang. I wish I could pull myself up to the next hold. And I am gonna abandon it and work on another 2 easier routes, which are both 6a.

"One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart and soul to" quoting Kate Forster from the movie, The Lake House. How very true.

The roti canai pisang in Lotus mamak restaurant next to PNB Darby Park, opposite Ampang Park taste lousy.
However, the roti canai and capati sardin in a nasi kandar/mamak restaurant, next to Rasta in TTDI taste very delicious.

Diving. I want to dive. I wonder when is the next trip. I need to find time and money.
My dream places to go diving - Komodo, Galapagos and Tahiti. Ahh...continue to dream on.


Metria said...

I've been watching 24 Season 5 too, I couldn't believe how many key characters they killed off!

We're up to the last 6 episodes now, they're showing double episodes on TV every Wed & Thurs, can't wait for the ending!

krazie*angel said...

Hi Metria,

Glad to hear from you :) When are you coming back here? Wan and Cherub are excited to see you again, we've been planning where to go makan when you are back.

I am up to midnite now. So so exciting. I gotta the dvds so I hope to finish them before tomorrow :P This gotta be the best 24 season. Not only it is more realistic, it is pretty emotional too.

Keropok said...

Shucks man... ulu fler like me only caught 2 episodes of 24, way back in Season 1 I think.

Prefer watching movies la. No brains to keep track of serials.

How you holding up in light of the renovation next door, K*A? Have you gone back to swearing ah?

Asther said...

Hey... Wana go Redang with me this Merdeka weekend?

Ghostwriter said...

If you come diving in Tahiti, you won't regret it, for sure! I just went to a small lagoonarium in Moorea Island (sister island of Tahiti) and already I'm overwhelmed by the variety of marine life there.

As we talked about earlier, makan, minum & tido are FOC ;D

PS: By the way, can you airmail me those 24 Season 5? ;D It's impossible to get pirated DVDs here. We are now 'leeching' off Desperate Housewives Season 2 from the Internet....LOL.....

krazie*angel said...

Would love to go to Redang and hang out with you... :( but some friends are asking me if I wanna go bouldering in Lang Tengah, which is very tempting coz I can boulder and dive.

I would send you 24 season 5 if I can send over the "dvds" on mail. I think it will not be possible coz you know lah, they are not exactly postable. Err, can't exactly spell it out, but you know what I mean right?

And yes, I do remember the FOC makan and accomodation, but flying there and diving will cost too much already. Ahh.. wish I am rich!

Continue to blog about what you see there, k. I really love to read ur blog.