Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Unsafe Malaysia

Almost everyday, I hear something about petty theft, snatch thief, burglaries, stolen cars and smashed car. It is scary but doesn't affect anyone until it happens to oneself. And I seriously hope it won't happen to me coz I don't have much money already and I hate the trouble of reporting stolen bank and ct cards, MyKad, etc etc.
Parents are afraid to let their kids (even tho they are already teenagers) to go to school by school buses. Ladies are afraid to go anywhere alone especially at night or lonely places like car parks.

I am afraid to withdraw money from ATM or fill petrol at night.
I am not sure about you guys, but I really feel that Malaysia is really becoming so unsafe everywhere. If you don't have money in your wallet may also pose a big problem, coz if a thief come to you and find you without money, he might just slash you. It seems like Singaporeans fears of Malaysia are becoming facts of life and a reality.

I am thinking of drafting a letter to Pak Lah, Ketua Polis Negara and Menteri Dalam Negeri to express how we (the rakyat) feel. I believe they need to really look into this matter seriously and actually SOLVE them. We must stand up and express our fears and worries.

Otherwise, soon enough, we might as well stop mentioning that Malaysia is a safe and peaceful country. Or is this a lost cause already?
So friends, will you be interested to participate in this letter writing? Let me know your thoughts. If you have anything you wanna express in the letter, let me know too.

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Asther said...

Yes... pls write the letter. I'm not very good in writing but I feel d same as you.

I was once attacked before & I didn't get enough encouraging reaction from the police & hospital after the incident. It left a huge scar in my life. Nowadays, I'm afraid to go out alone OR EVEN sleep alone at home!