Thursday, July 26, 2007

First post elsewhere

As part of my research about social networking site, I created a blog and start doing stuff in somewhere else to see how it works. So I decide to copy and paste my posts from there to here, since I don't have much time to blog anyway.

*** *** ***

To start the first blog is always the hardest.

Most of you already know I've got another blog in blogspot, which I barely update these days.

If I blog, it will be nothing but about work and sleep. These are what I do lately. Gone are my days of gallivanting around - climbing, diving, sneaking away to neighbouring countries , tv tv tv and plentiful of dinners and meet ups with friends.

Anyway, am going to Singapore tonite to meet my dear sister whom has not been back here for a while now. My whole family going too. Nice!

Hopefully there will be a next post in this blog section. I am lazy.

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