Monday, July 09, 2007

Updates from me again

So many books to buy each time I step into a bookshop. It is scary to be in Kino. It is so tempting. There are tons of books I wish I could buy. The only problem is that I don't have that much of money to buy them. And of course, the time to read.

This is a book I wanna get for the longest time : Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life by Gene O'Kelly. Somehow I always fail to remember the name when I am in a bookshop.

I have been coughing for about month now. It is so irritating. It disrupts my sleep. I am medication now, hoping it will go away real soon. No ice creams, no fruits and no cold drinks for me for now coz it seems that each time I ate or drank one of those, I cough more.

I ate too much "pan mee" these days. I love this noodle, but been eating it almost everyday. I still love my mom's pan mee the best.

My tummy is still bulging. Darn. It is awful esp when I wear baby tees. Must be too much "pan mee". Haha.

I must say that my teammates are bunch of bright, smart and progressive people. They are quick and assertive. Nope, they are not reading my blog, so I am not apple polishing. It is kinda intimidating for me. I kept doubting if I am cut to do this job. But it is good for my soul coz it is sorta like a wake up call and to stop my brain from rusting.

I am learning a lot from my current workplace too. Almost everything is teaching me something. And almost everyday is a learning process.

I miss climbing. I have not climb for ages. I must make time to climb. I must! I must! I must! My new resolution for the last 2 quarters of this year.

I finally watched Season 6 of The Shield, but only up to episode 5. It is really good, the plot is getting thicker. Just another 5 more episodes to go. Then I will start on Criminal Minds, which I have stopped for a long while.

I finished The Earl Season 2. It is such a feel good tv series. It make you laugh too.

I am writing these from work since morning. So, that's it folk. Time for me to pack my bag and go home.

p/s: Hi my dear Arizona, I got your email from Delphinus. It was sent to my old email id. I changed my job, so my email has changed. Luckily she forwarded it to me. I hope you'll know what I have been up to from my last few postings in this blog. And I miss you too. The wed gatherings is missing your presence. Send my best regards to your hubby too :)

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