Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tapestry of Angkor Wat

Part Five : The Angkor Wat.

When you arrive to the Angkor Wat, you will understand why it is so famous. It is very impressive, very huge and grand. It is still very well preserved, perhaps because it is the last few ruins of Angkor Area.

The famous pinnacles of Angkor Wat. I think there are 5 of them, but if you looking at them parallel, you can only see 3 of them.

Can't get a panaromic view of Angkor Wat. Look at the amount of tourist there!

A view from the top of Angkor Wat. Note the outermost wall. That's how far to walk from the entrance up to here. This is place is huge.

The bright moon over the darkening sky above Angkor Wat. I was happy to see it gleeming brightly coz moon is always special to me.

Bas-reliefs of Apsaras (what else?!) on walls.

Waiting and watching the sunrise over the Angkor Wat among hundreds of Japanese and Koreans tourist from 5.30am. The locals will bring if you a chair if you buy a glass of coffee from them for USD1. Otherwise, you can just stand. The chair is pretty useless if you are not sitting on the first row. But the coffee will keep you awake.

Waterlilies blooming as the sunrises on the pond outside the wall of Angkor Wat.

The sun shining brightly. Time to leave Angkor Wat as the next destination from here is to Banteay Srey, about an hour and half away.

Between watching a sunset and sunrise over Angkor Wat, I prefer sunrise. Don't miss it if you are there although you might need to wake up really early.

Next 2 posts will be pix of people and from all over Siem Reap. But as for Angkor Area, that's all of the 5 parts and I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the photos.

If you wanna know more, let me know. Otherwise, the Internet has pretty good resources and information on visiting all the ruins and Siem Reap as a whole.

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