Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tapestry of Sights of Tah Phrom

Part Four : Which is more famous - the enveloping trees or the ruins of Tah Phrom?

Here at Tah Phrom, the trees are the highlights. Actually to be accurate, it is the roots of the trees that people will wanna look at and take photos of. I am one of them!

Enjoy the trees against a bright blue sky, before we see roots and more roots.

Here come the roots - swallowing/enveloping/embracing/chocking/strangling the ruins.

This gotta to be the most famous tree/roots in Tah Phrom, and prolly most photographed object too of Angkor area besides Angkor Wat.

This root, according to the tour guide to a bunch of tourists from Taiwan, which I overheard, is like the body of a snake but without its head.

More roots again...

Something different than roots found in Tah Phrom. Something that looks like "batu giling" (grinder) which my grandma used to grind soya bean to make soya bean juice, or rice to make rice powder.

And a nice carving on the wall which I like, of which you can see everywhere as well.

So enough proofs to show that roots are the main actor in Tah Phrom. I like this site too. You can walk around its perimeter which is pretty serene and it is quieter as there are less tourists. Perhaps, you can catch an occasional tired tourist taking a break or an artiste sketching away.

Next post - Angkor Wat! (the name speak for itself)

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