Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My 2 weeks into the new year

It is half a month into the new year. Happy New Year everyone! Hope things have been great with everyone.

As for me, so far so good. Can't complain at all. At least I am dry and not sitting in a big pool of muddy water! Talking bout that, please pray for the flood victims and please donate to them. Even a little from everyone will be a lot combined.

I haven't blog for a while. I blamed the slow Internet. And a bit of me being lazy. And a wee bit due to being busy at work. And maybe, a bit outta juice and mood to blog.

2 weeks into the new year... 2 silly incindents happened to me. They say these things come in 3? Yikes! Touch wood.

First I dropped my little pouch that consists of my name cards, my RHB dot com card and my office door touch card into the toilet hole one late evening. I tried to retrive the pouch but to no avail. I shall not disclose the process, coz it might gross you out. Everyone has gone home. Thus, I was locked out of the office, with just the toilet key! No phone, no money, no nothing! I could only remember 3 tel nos - my home, my Melaka home and B's. Luckily Smewwy save the day! Good thing is that I could laughed at myself.

Secondly, my sandals broke this morning as I was walking to work. I nearly had to walk barefooted! Luckily I had a piece of wire (those you find on cables when you unpacked, say a pair new speakers or headphones) in my bag, which i tied my shoes up. Voila, I could walk, at least to my office! Luckily again, I got a pair of slipper in office.

Meantime, my office's spoons are vanishing every other day. The cleaner said she don't know where they are. I think we are having the same problem like those airlines are facing.

Have not dived (or dove, not sure which is correct verb to use) since Oct last year. Have not climbed either. Haven't watch any tv series too. After a while of not doing any of these, I kinda feel ok now, not missing them much anymore.

Anyway, I booked my flight to Manado last nite to dive there in Feb after much harassments on Shardy - the Dark Lord. I was desperate to get him to go as well so that I can buy cheaper flight tix on Silk Air, coz if you buy tix for 2 before today, you save RM500 each!!! Seems like I want him to come so that I could save money, but hey, he can fly cheaper too, try out his new macro lens and I am his caddy above land and underwater. So pretty good deal for the Dark Lord.

After watching the gang climbed last nite, I am so far behind now. I can't even lift my feet up while hanging on the holds! Am back to square one now! Meanwhile, I shall admire my palm without callouses for a bit now.

This morning I found a really long strand of hair on my bed. I have short hair. I matched that strand of hair to my hair on my head, and it is much longer. No one with long hair was in my room since a long time - I can't even remember when. I wonder whose hair is it. Scary, innit?

Next post I will put up photos from Siem Reap.

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