Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Snap shots - Dec 06

Christmas @ 1U

Big tall trees. If I could have one of this at home.

Colourful and shining baubles. I can be vaguely be seen on it.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck were around too, spreading joy to kids.

Candidates for Santa's reindeers
(Delphinus was the red horn supplier)

Random pix

Orangy Bronzy sky after a shower during dusk

Two of my closest friends - Delphinus and Shardy (now prefer to be called as The Dark Lord?!?!)


Keropok said...

Happy New Year, my friend. Hope some of your dreams come true in 2007!

Iolanda said...

Hiya Krazie*Angel! Found your blog for the first time..ha ha what a surprise. Amazing what you find out about your fellow dive buddies - at 4am! They actually have a real life(even if they are partial to angels)! Hope to see you soon in 2007. BTW, say 'hi' for me to the Dark Lord with the antlers.

krazie*angel said...

Hi Iolanda,

Welcome and come whenever you are free. And don't forget to comment. Would be nice to hear from you :)

Yup I hope to see you too soon!