Thursday, December 14, 2006

Los Angeles

"Death - it's one of the hard ones - one of the big ones, too. Possibly it is the attribute that is defining the Creation for the Created: If not for Death, they'd be content to simply exist, but with Death, well, their lives will have meaning - a boundary beyond which the living cannot cross."

"Love - it's a feeling of deep affection and attraction for another being, often combined with passion or desire - a need to be with another. Love will be an impulse that will inspire and ruin in equal measure. We are proud of it."

*** *** ***

"We became lovers. We would touched each other, held each other, whispered endearments and protestations of eternal devotion. His welfare mattered more to me than my own. I existed for him. When I was alone, I would repeat his name to myself and think of nothing but him. When I am with him, nothing else mattered."

"I killed him because he would not longer love me. When we started to work on Death, he... he lost interest. He was no longer mine. He belonged to Death. And if I could not have him, then his new lover was welcome to him. I could not bear his presence - I could not endure have him near me and to know that he felt nothing for me. That was what hurt the most. I thought... I hoped... that if he was gone, then I would no longer care for him - the pain would stop.

So I killed him. I stabbed him, and I threw his body from our window in the Hall of Being. But the pain has not stopped."

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