Thursday, December 07, 2006

New spanking climbing shoes

This is my new climbing shoes. My christmas present to self :D

Brand: Evolv Model: Defy

When I tried it on last nite, it is a very comfortable to the feet, comparing to my previous pair - Saltic. This shoe has lining inside so it is a bit cushiony.


I wonder when I can climb again :(

This shoe is some kind of hope, that I will climb again, soon, real soon.

Here is a pix of a climber wearing this shoe on a lead climb.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the evolv team! ;)


krazie*angel said...

woo hoo! we are in the same team as chris sharma. lol!

Char Siew Wan Tan Kon Lou said...

Very nice! I want to get the new Chris Sharma signature shoe too!

pray that u heal quick

krazie*angel said...

Thanks mumbo-dumbo.

That shoe coming in Jan 07 and by the time it reach Malaysia, it will be 08 or 09! Perhaps it will be cheaper too.