Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas soon

Christmas is coming soon, less than 2 weeks.

It usually reminds us of good ol' Santa Claus, shimmering Christmas tree and colourful presents.

To me, Christmas reminds me of angels. That's coz I like angels :P

Here is a contemporary illustration of an angel I picked up from the Internet...

I am being very thick skinned here.

If you are feeling very generous and think that I deserve a present this Christmas... will you be my Santa and stuff my stockings with any of these, please...?

RECEIVED! - Crocs' Mary Jane. (Thank you, thank you so much dear!)

Michael Crichton's new book - Next
Story about a serial killer - Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Linsey
RECEIVED! Thanks so much!Five For Fighting's latest album

I'll be ever so thankful!

An early Merry Christmas wish to everyone!


Miki-C said...

I want that Michael Crichton book too.. Have been waiting for his new book for sooo long.. The last one, 'State of Fear' was not really too great though.. Hope this one doesn't disappoint me. I saw 'Next' in MPH the other day and it's still in hard cover.. expensiiiive.... Why not like that, Krazie Angel.... we wait until the paperback comes out and i buy one for u and u buy one for me... sorry ah, i am so kiam siap... heeheee..

krazie*angel said...

Hi Miki-C,

Ya loh I think wait for paperback, so much cheaper. if wait a bit longer, you can almost new ones at Pay Less Book.

I just think it is not worth it buying Crichton's book at this price coz you will finish reading it in 2 days.

Asther said...

Er... if I burn the new songs for u, want ar? Hehehe... Just give me the titles u want & I can download for u. ;P

So cheap-skate, ar, me...

CHika said...

Hello Krazie Angel,

Dropped by your blog - good writing. anyways am getting Mary Jane's Crocs for Christmas from my childhood and still is best friend :)

I also 'stole' the picture of my daughter and I that you have posted in your blog-hope ypu don;t mind.

Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year.

CHIka& Reyna

krazie*angel said...

Hey there Asther,
Sure thing. Not cheap skate at all.
Burn me songs from the Five for Fighting's latest album and I will be jumping with joy!

Merry Christmas and another year of safe and fun diving!

Hello Chika and Reyna,

What a surprise to see ur comment. Glad to have you here. Sure take the pix. I stole it from Gervais, I think.

I got the Mary Jane last nite. I am so delighted.

Merry Christmas to you and Reyna too. Take care