Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Snap shots - Nov 06

Lil' sis' big day :)

The fruit cake baked and decorated by mom. Very yummy so rich with rum and dried fruits. Peek closely on the photo frame to see photo of my sister and her hubby.

The wedding car. Decorated by the groom himself. Simple and nice.

My nephew, Dylan at 8 mths old

He is affectionally known as 'Chubby'. If you see his thighs, you just wanna squeeze him. Very geram...

LP8 gathering at Chin Nan's wedding

Well done Chin Nan. This is the biggest turn up of LP8 members, well, unfortunately, not everyone that came is in the pix. Nicest food of all the wedding dinners I have attended!

Blue Melaka sky

Clear blue sky of a late morning in Melaka. Check out the high antenna - many many years ago, we need that to watch Singapore's TV channels.

Logan & Megan's 1st birthday

It's Logan & Megan's birthday, but I think the adults had more fun. Really nice Thai home cooked dishes!

This is Megan! So cute

Logan. You can melt at the way he look into you. BTW, Megan & Logan are twins.

The double twins at the birthday party. Megan & Logan. Octave & Cyprine.

A pix which I like

There! Hope you enjoy these pix. Next post will be snap shots for Dec 06.

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Asther said...

Thanx for sharing, dear. Beautiful memories u've got there.