Monday, December 04, 2006

Maniac 2006

I've stopped climbing for more than a month now. And my hands are smoother with no hard callouses. Those little muscle on my arms dissapeared too.

Anyway, just for fun and for the first time I went to a climbing competition at Delta Rovers in Kepong on last Sunday. It is sorta a big warehouse/factory turned into a climbing gym, mostly with bouldering walls. It is a bit dark and dingy but pretty good for boulderings. Very cheap membership compared to Camp5. Here's a pix of the gym taken by Renee.

I went to cheer for my friends (YJ, Renee, Paul & gf, Andri, Andrew, Sean, Kim and Kent) and smewwy who were participating in the competition. But Renee appointed me as the cameragirl. See here - a pix of Renee and Paul (guy on the right in spiderman pose) in climbing action.

There were a lot of other climbers that day. Most climbers were from Delta Rovers and Summit are very good and terror in bouldering. There was a skinny lanky girl with pretty big boobs and all made up like a doll. Don't be fooled by her. She can climb! 7A climber somemore. From far she looked pretty, near near ok ok lah.

In the competition, the participants have to complete as many routes as possible and play the compulsary 5 games in order to gain the most points within 5 hours. There are 30 routes to climb which rated from 200 points (easiest routes) to 1000 points (hardest routes).

And I was happy, actually still happy that 2 of my friends won. Kent won the first place of the Man Novice. He is Superman Kent. Kim, who is only 12, won the first place of Woman Novice. She is gonna be a champion when she is 14 if she continues to train. The Double Super K. Here are Kent and Kim climbing those nasty walls. Congrats champions.

Smewwy did pretty good despite lack of practice. Finished 12 routes and gained half 4600 points. Renee who thought she couldn't finish any routes, completed 5 routes, I think. YJ did some tough routes - very determined. Very proud of you guys.

My favourite shot. Renee looked like an expert. Most pix I took of my friends are from the back like Kent's and Kim's pix above. Sorry guys.


Anonymous said...

why is he call Smewwy? tell me tell me!

thanks for taking all of our beautiful backside pictures! :D


krazie*angel said...

hi renee,

cannot tell leh. he will kill me. already i think he is a bit upset i call him that.
but he is smewwy, indeed. he he he.

no prob at all. at least I was busy with something while you guys climbed.

Anonymous said...

Found you at last..... nice blog you have going on here Krazie...


krazie*angel said...

Hamtaro san!

Glad you came to visit.