Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tapestry of Sights from Siem Reap

Part One - In the heart of Siem Reap

If you wonder where is Siem Reap, here is a map of Indochina. Most time, just say Angkor Wat and most people will know where Siem Reap is instaneously. Siem Reap means "Defeated Siam" by the Khmer? I think that's what it meant.

The streets of Siem Reap...a bit like Haatyai. Eer, maybe Haatyai is bit more advanced. Most shops along the road are tourist related. Cafes, Pubs, Tours Operators, Internet Cafes, etc.

The popular Psar Chas (Old Market), where you can buy artifacts and tourist junk. Or even antiques, which may be fakes. If it is real, it could be stolen. On one side of the Psar Chas is wet market, a bit like Malaysian wet market. BTW, watering holes are near the Psar Chas. Sitting and drinking in one of the cafes or pubs while people watching can be quite fun too.

Alternatively, you can shop in Psar Kandal (Center Market), where you can find an eclectic collection of clothes and trinkets which of course you have to bargain down to only 35% of the prices. Most shops/stalls sell the same stuff, so move on to the next if the price does not meet what you wanna pay. I don't have a pix of Psar Kandal, sorry.

Tuk tuks waiting near Psar Chas. You can hop in and out anywhere easily. Just make sure the fare is fair. The seats can be pretty comfy for short distances.

Besides shopping, you can watch the Apsara dance - the Khmer Classical Dance, while enjoying a buffet dinner which may cost USD12 per pax. Some 5 stars hotel charges USD25. Apsarases are celestial nymph. For more information of the Apsara dance, click here

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