Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tapestry of Sights of Angkor Thom

Part Three - Inside Angkor Thom

The largest complex consisting of several famous ruins - Bayon - Baphuon, Phimeanakas, Terrace of the Elephants, Terrace of the Leper King, Prasat Suor Prat and many more.

You could spend half a day here or simply two hours depending on your interests. If you love photography, probably you will like it here. Needless to mention, there are too many tourists here, so that could be a hassle when it comes to photography, unless you love photographing people.

Outside the ruins, there are stalls selling sourvenirs, paintings and the everywhere-you-can-get Angkor Wat t-shirts which cost USD5 for 4 of them. You can find lotsa food stalls too where you can have a lunch break. Don't forget to treat your tuk-tuk driver to lunch or drinks coz they will spending the entire day waiting while you explore each ruins and driving you from one ruins to another.

Here are some photos...

Entering the Bayon... this is where Delphinus reminded me to take lotsa photos of the Buddha heads. Delphi, I dedicate all photos of Bayon and the heads to you :)

Long corridor with low door frame creating a sense of maze around the ruins. It kinda make the explorations of the ruins really exciting.

Ruins at Bayon. Note the headless body on the left.

Very well preserved bas-reliefs of Apsaras (celestials nymph) dancing on pillars of Bayon.

A close up face of Avelokitesvara of Bayon. Too many heads in Bayon and after a while, they get a bit too much.

The carving of Apsaras statues here and everywhere, at most ruins of Angkor areas. Note the statues are bare-chested :P

4 faces of Avelokitesvara peering through every nook and corner of Bayon.

Into Phimeanakas and steeps steps up.

Walls surounding Baphuon. Entry is not allowed on weekend as it is going through restoration works.

Out of Phimeanakas, you will come to an open space overlooking to the Terrace of the Elephants and Leper King as well the Prasat Suor Prat (12 Towers) across the road. It can be a bit hot as there is no shade. And coz by the time you explored and reach here, it is almost early noon time.

From here you can exit through the Victory gate to explore other ruins around Angkor area. From here on too, you will prolly find most ruins kinda look a like except for the ever famous Angkor Wat.

Next post : Which is more famous - the enveloping trees or the ruins of Tah Phrom?

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