Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feeling like Crap

I am feeling like crap. Still down with cough. It is so irritating especially when I am talking coz I will be coughing every now and then.

Now I even have nose block and running nose occasionally. Darn!

I have tried cough mixtures, ayurvedic medication and chinese medication. Probably too many different mix of medications is making me feeling worse.

krazie*angel going home early to rest


Stargazer said...

Hope you get better soon! The flu bug's going around!

Allyfeel said...

Aiyoo, now it's me that is having cough and running nose. It must be you passing them to me.

krazie*angel said...

i am so sorry. i knew this will happen. i have no more running nose but still coughing. it is irritating.

allyfeel, do u some of my medication?

stargazer, thanks. btw, i saw a stargazer during my last diving trip during a nite dive. it was hiding under the sand but my buddy spotted it. i hope to find the photo and i might upload it here, for you.