Friday, November 18, 2005

My insignificant career

I am beginning to query myself lately. Especially about my work. What I do for a living. Is it successful or significant?

Most of my friends are busy with their work. They seem to be very purposeful in their life. They are career minded and driven. It is as if their companies will close down or their customers will run away if they are not at work. It is like as if they matter in their work. Their eyes twinkle when they speak of their work. Their spirit is high when they explained what they do day by day. They sound really solid and authoritative when they speak to their colleagues or customers.

For e.g. Chinoz is super duper busy with her new work. Doing a real huge project in Kuala Trengganu at the moment - Moonsoon Cup Trengganu 2005. Big event!

So is Cherub with her ever growing business in Sarawak and here in KL. Good for her but she is already buried deep inside her work. Hope that does not take a toil on her health.

The thought of sending them a quick hello sms or a phone to call to chit chat seems like too trivia. What more a dinner date? I know they'll appreciate it but I do not want to interfere in their busy schedules. These really make me realise that I have too much time to kill despite the activities I have put in place to occupy my time.

I wonder if I could hop back to the rat race. I think with a lot of effort, I could but just thinking of it, I am feeling really lazy. Gosh, what had happened to me? Have I turned into someone who is too complacent and too comfortable to move my lazy ass out of my comfy couch? I think in a way, I am.

The image of me in my previous job is so faint and distant in my memory. It feels like it wasn't me at all. Where did she go hiding, huh?

Someone told me that I should just enjoy the simplicity of my life where there is no stress and no problems. And that I should be happy with what I have and am earning. There are many people out there who are far worse than me and are without job. They are right too. But... sigh. We are never satisfy with what we have. Always a but.

krazie*angel gonna kill time by watching more DVDs :P

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