Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm a Horoscope fan now

My latest favourite activity online is reading horoscope. It is fun and entertaining.

I am not sure if they are accurate but it is interesting to read and try to see if they are true based on what happened to me daily. So far, I find some of what they predicted was true. Co-incidence, perhaps. Or just because based on what I have read, I try to connect all the dots up.

I noticed that the predictions can be quite general or vague, so it is up to your very own intepretations.

Besides checking my email, reading blogs and logging into my IMs (which most time, I barely speak to anyone, only for some chat quickies with friends) when online, now I have another new thing to do...that is to check my hororscope.

krazie*angel is confirmed being too free :)

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