Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pyscho Thrillers : My Fav

I am a fan of pyscho-thriller movies. Those twisted schizophrenic personalities just make your ordinary mind seem way too simple. Movies like these made you think, kinda "Mind-F**k" (Please excuse my language, those who know me, know that I don't use this particular word in my daily vocabulary, except in privacy *ahem*)

This, you have to remember when watching a pyscho thriller - you have to take note of every single objects, conversations and personalities in the movie...they are usually interconnected and they are clues. Be observant.

I watched "The Machinist" in GSC two nights ago. It was a movie with dark setting, like Gotham City of Batman and the lead actor was Christian Bale, who was also Batman himself in Batman returns. To find out more about the movie, click here and here

Got a friend to go watch the movie with me, after a little persuasion and assurance that it will be a great movie. Otherwise, he can blame me all for dragging him to watch a bad movie. Well, I must admit that the movie title "The Machinist" does sound a bit like a B grade movie, but honestly, it is worth a watch. Christian Bale put up a good performance and he actually lost 63 lbs for this movie. Yes, he did. Wonder why? Go watch the movie. And he has to build his body up again for Batman! Imagine that.

As I watching the movie, I could roughly guess what the lead character, Trevor Reznik, was thinking and going through. I think I watched too much physcho thrillers to identify one. Or maybe, I have little streaks of schizoprenia in me. Bwahahaha!

Other nice pyscho thrillers that I like are Fight Club, Identity and Momento. If you know any other good ones, let me know.

krazie*angel thinks all Superheros are schizophrenics with awareness of their other selves

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