Thursday, November 24, 2005

Free lunch @ work

Boss ordered all of us to close the office for lunch today. He is taking us for a nice Indian Banana Leaf Rice. Yay! Free makan! And most importantly, I can get out from my office as I was getting really bored.

All of us went except for Allyfeel who had an earlier lunch date and my colleague who is fasting today. Well, it is a blessing in disguise because my colleague was able to help us to man the fort while we were out for our unofficial office lunch.

I must say the food was super yummy especially the fish cutlet and fried bittergourd. I wanted to eat the sambal udang but my boss said, "Don't take", so cannot. I ate so much that I felt so drowsy right after.

I was too drowsy to be alert, therefore, I don't really remember how to get there or know where it is exactly. But I got the name card of the restaurant.

krazie*angel burp and slowly fade into zzZZzzZZzzZZzz


Metria said...

Yummy!!! Why did he say no to the prawn sambal?

Stargazer said...

Yeah, how come cannot take prawn sambal? Is it cos it's more expensive?!

krazie*angel said...

Metria, we have no idea. He just said "Don't take" when one of waiters asked us if we want one of the plates of sambal udang. We all nodded and wanted it but when His Royal Highness opened his mouth, we abide.

Stargazer, maybe it is more expensive but seriously we dunno why... *roll eyes*

Allyfeel said...

Even though I took lousy food with my friend that day, but I never regretted not going...kekekeke!

krazie*angel said...

Allyfeel, I know exactly what you meant :P