Monday, November 28, 2005

Glued to screen

I am having a withdrawal symptom from those addictive tv series. Either that, I am addicted to movies and tv series. I am unsure which is which.

Over the weekend, I was on house arrest on voluntary basis. Actually, I was not able to move away from my notebook. I was glued to it and can't stop watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

The last 3 episodes of Desperate Housewives Season 1.
8 episodes of Desperate Housewives of Desperate Housewives Season 2.
The last 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 1.
7 episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 2.

On top of that, I watched Mr & Mrs Smith on DVD on Saturday nite.

And this morning, I was asking my boss to pass me his DVDs for the tv series, House Season 1.
Then, in the afternoon, I was talking to Miki-C about other tv series. Now I am looking forward to watch Surface.
Later, spoke to CK and he is suppose to pass me Lost Season 1. And I can't wait.
A friend recommended Firefly. Checked the Internet and found that it is rather interesting.

They are like drugs! I am so hooked.

And tonite, I am watching another movie at Mid Valley. My only consolation is that watching movie, I am out of my house or more specifically, my room and I have people, real people around me. And I get to munch on those caramel popcorns.

Is these tv/movie watching a form of escapism for me? Am I trying to shift my actual state of mind to the make believe world in tv and movies?

Or am I obsessive? Or simply am lonely? Or just a bored girl with nothing else better to do?

Who the heck cares? I do enjoy these tv series from Tinseltown very much.

krazie*angel needs to get her eyes checked *blink* *blink*


Stargazer said...

I have a batch of Desperate Housewives VCDs from my friend I've been meaning to watch for the past month! Hehe...haven't gotten round to doing it! Well, who cares what people say about TV long we you enjoy what you're doing! :)

Metria said...

Season 1 of House just finished here, I love the show!

krazie*angel said...

Stargazers, go watch it. I think u might love it. Yes, I sure do enjoy watching TV :)

Metria, my boss forgot to bring it for me again.