Thursday, February 16, 2006

Delayed flight and waiting

It's 5 in the morning and I am in Changi Airport waiting to board my flight to Shanghai. The flight was delayed 4 hours. Darn!

Earlier in the bus from KL to Singapore, there was a burnt smell and they have to stopped the bus on the highway to fix it. I watched 2 movies in the bus - Ray and Troy.

Right now, I am sleepy and I am tired. I am cold too, right here in the airport and I don't know how I am gonna manage winter for the next few days. Mental images of the beach and swaying coconut trees are very welcoming.

Ok, time's up. I gotta go. They provide 15 mins of Internet access here free in the boarding gate.


Allyfeel said...

Oooi..."be ta han", u never stop thinking about computer and internet hor?

Seems like not a very smooth journey. Anyhow, Enjoy Shanghai!

Ghostwriter said...

On a winter holiday? Or a cold business trip? How different the two sound when they both reflect the same weather ;D

Try to enjoy Shanghai anyway!