Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An unexpected unfortunate news

While I was in Hangzhou, I received an sms from a friend telling me that he had received an weird email from a mutual friend of ours and he had a feeling she is not ok. I couldn't do much as I do not know head or tail of this. I could not access my email to see if she had emailed me the same. I wanted to sms her to see if she is ok but maybe she did not want me to know. It is too expensive to call too. In short, I did not do anything but replied my friend's sms by telling him that I hope that she is gonna be ok.

Today when I am back to office, where I am back to my normal life, with computer and internet, I did my usual routine, checking and reading friends' blogs. I read her blog and suddenly I remembered that sms I received and I understand why she was not ok.

My heart is so saddened when I read from her blog that her friend has passed away during a diving weekend trip in Jarak before the Valentine's day. Although I do not know him at all, but I feel really sad. Looking at his photos, all with smiles, made me even sadder. It made me wonder too, what actually happened.

I called my friend and she is obviously still very saddened by the incident and I am someone who is absolutely not tactful and always saying something stupid, decided that I could only tell her how sorry I am.

If Miki-C had not had her wedding dinner on that weekend, I would have joined them in that diving trip. I guess it would be very traumatic for me if I have to experience this.

I told Miki-C and she too was saddened although she too, do not know him. Well, I guess as the last respect, I shall not refer him as him, but his name is Mr Laurence Thong.

When I imagine if this were to happen to me or my friends during our diving trip, I get really scared and sad. It is fine if I die, but the anguish I could cause to my fellow divers, that I would not want to happen. But if anything to happen to my dear friends or fellow divers, what and how do I tell his/her loved ones?

To Mr Laurence Thong, a stranger, now gone to be with our dear Lord, someone that I knew today from blogs, I am very sure you are now safe and happy with our dear heavenly Father and I pray to Him to keep you by His side eternally.

To my friend, Asther, take care. I will keep you in my prayers that our dear God gives you serenity and strength in this difficult moment.

To many, such incident reminds us to cherish life, our loved ones and God ever more and they are not to be taken for granted. I too, believe this is very true.


Ghostwriter said...

This reminds me of my mom's passing last July. It was just one week after my engagement. Lucky for us we took a video of the engagement since I was the first to be married in the family. Until today, we find it so unbelievable that the active, smiling lady on the video passed away soon after.

Angel, my heart and sympathies are with you and your friend for your loss.

Stargazer said...

Hey, so sorry to hear about that. It must have been such a traumatic trip. Reminds me of a school-friend who got swept away in a river on a jungle trekking trip with some other school-friends. It's so easy for any trip to turn into a horrible nightmare. Do take care on your diving trips.