Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I was assigned a huge responsibility :P LOL! I am petsitting 3 gold fishies and 1 angel fish for a friend who is going for a long vacation. I was thrilled yet worried. I just hate it if anything bad would happen to the fishies. You know how fragile they can be. No wonder we have that phrase - "Nyawa-nyawa ikan". I think I would cry if they die or anything. Choi! Choi! Touch wood.

These fishies were sent to me in a red pail, the one you use to fill up water to mop the floor. It come with a air pump, thank goodness. So for two days, these fishies were staying in this red pail. As I watched them, I could feel that the pail is definitely not condusive for these poor fishies who used to live a really huge nice tank. I think these fishies are depressed. Imagine this, all they can see is red all around! And the water in the pail went cloudier and I can barely see them. I thought to myself that I really need to do something about it.

I went over to Pets Wonderland in Mid Valley to check out cheap fish tank, at least they can live a little more comfortably. Stuff there were expensive and the fish tanks section was too near to the lizards area and my skin was crawling. So, I left empty handed.

As I was driving home, I passed by a small pet shop in Desa Pandan, which was almost closing coz it was late. I was the last customer, well, they don't have a choice, coz I went right into the shop while the roller shutter metal door is halfway down. Anyway, the uncle in the pet shop was really funny and friendly and he entertained all my silly questions about keeping fishes.

The last time I ever kept a fish was when I was 8 or 9. They are those cheap small fishes, which cost about 20 sen for 3 fishes back then. I used to buy them and keep them in Horlicks jar. Oh well, they never lasted and die quite quickly. Ikan betuk can last a bit longer but they are not pretty fishes, just plain greyish-brownish in colour.

Back to me in the pet shop. Finally I bought a not so small glass tank, a water filter for the air pump, anti-chlorine medication, three packets of rocks or pebbles in three different sizes (S,M,L), a small clay hut, a fake coconut tree and a live aquarium plant. All for RM90 only. I was taught how to prepare the tank and to keep the fishes healthy and alive by the uncle in the shop.

So, I rushed home and did what I've been told. In less than an hour, the fishies got a new home. I was proud. Angel fish is really scared and shy, otherwise, I really think they are happier here than in the red pail.

And I got back up plan, just in case, if I don't want to keep any fishes after these 4 fishies return to their owner, I can sell my tank and all to a friend, second hand :P

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