Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sick image for V day.

Valentine's day came and gone now. Hearts are no longer in display in stores. Thank goodness.

Till now, some people are still sad or upset for not receiving anything from someone that they have expected to send them a gift or roses, or worse come to worst, at least a wish over an sms.

Some are simply glad that V day is over and they won't have to face it for next one year.

Some are still reminiscing over the wonderful V day they have celebrated.

Some totally not bothered with V-day or any other day such as Christmas or Birthdays.

And me, still blogging about V-day?

Mine went well. Got an ecard, a card, a present, ate call-in pizza with B, had a lovely tiramisu with a lovely friend and lotsa wishes on emails, mostly spams from one specific friend - Kate... arghh! And still waiting for 200 kisses someone owed me. Bwahaha. Sweet!

Oh well, back to why I am blabbing about V-day? I saw an album cover that strike me dumb. Not in awe but got me thinking what the heck is this. I thought the album cover is sick? You definitely won't want this present on V day. So be grateful even if you received nothing.

See and judge for yourself. Sick. Ee yuck!


Allyfeel said... sick but artistically drawn.

heavenwood said...

so did you get the 200 hundred kisses in the end?

krazie*angel said...

heavenwood - yes, i did. very happy. very nice.

and...i want them again.