Friday, October 21, 2005


Tuesday morning, Allyfeel received a news that her friend has just passed away suddenly due to a brain tumor at the age of 33.

Thursday morning, Datin Sri Endon, our PM's wife passed away due to breast cancer.

Two of Cherub's friends are also dying (waiting) due to cancer too.

I am sure if we ask around, someone will know someone who has just recently died due to cancer or other illness or accident. Even someone who know someone who is bracing through a terminal illness.

It seems that life is so fragile and death can threatened anyone. Frankly, morbid/crazy or not, I don't mind dying on their behalf. I might suffer and in pain, that I am a bit scared, but everything comes with a price.

Death that is sudden and fast is the best way to die. I hope I'll die that way. Quick, easy and trouble no one.

krazie*angel - Life is temporary but death is permanent

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